About us

We build and scale businesses.


We're founded on a principle to grow companies. Through first-hand experience founding and scaling firms, we've learnt the pitfalls of founders and managers. We know how to exploit product-market fit. Let's name a venture 'X', that's what we're here to grow.


We don't look at businesses top-down or bottom-up. We turn them inside out, find inefficiencies, strengths, and come to the core of what you really need. We're an agency that isn't just an external partner, look at us as you're new co-founder.


We approach business growth holistically. Marketing is nothing without good design, as is good design without good flows and operational systems. Venture X Studios does all of these.


We're founders and entrepreneurs, many times over. We've raised millions in funding, and know how to drive revenue, grow margins, and cut costs. We're strategists, marketers, designers, and developers. We're your partner in growth.


We're fully digital, but Amsterdam based. Being fully flexible, we can deliver work wherever you need it, whenever you need it.